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Why RSS?

One Place for All Your Content

Stop wasting time bouncing around the internet for your news and other information. Let RSS bring it all to you with its simple online interface.

De-Clutters Your Email

RSS organizes your content in a way email never could. Bring your news and subscriptions over to RSS, and reduce your email burden forever.

Streamlines Shopping

RSS helps you save money by finding local deals, coupons, price drops, even the stuff you want on Craigslist and other sites.

Customized Alerts

Let RSS keep you informed of everything from stock quotes to real estate listings to any time your name is mentioned online, and much more.

Social Media, Simplified

Bring your social media together into one simple reader, including Facebook, Pinterest and more.

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"RSS delivers customized information in ways you never thought possible"

Save time. Simplify your life. Get more of what you want. Try RSS today.

Features and Benefits

Cloud Storage

RSS stores everything for you in a cloud-based online account. No need to take up space on your own hard-drive.

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You can easily find and subscribe to RSS feeds using the Chrome browser extension. Get unread counts in your Chrome address bar.


With simple features such as sorting, favorites, and keyboard shortcuts, you can browse through mountains of content faster than ever.


Easy to Use

Made for first graders, grandmothers, and everyone in between. If you can browse the internet, you've got what it takes to enjoy RSS today.

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