Password Update

Update your password by going to Settings and the Account tab.  A section titled Update Password allows you to type in your current password (in the field called “Old Password) and then to type in the desired “New Password”.  Information will be displayed at the top of the page regarding the success of this procedure.

Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password you can go to the Login screen and press the “Forgot Your Password?” link to be taken to the Password Reset page. Input the email address you used to signup for your RSS account and click Reset Password.  Email instructions on resetting your password will be sent to that …

Customizing the Appearance of your Dashboard and Columns

You can customize the appearance of your RSS dashboard and associated views by going to Settings and clicking on the Appearance tab. Play around with the different settings, but don’t forget to click SAVE (at the bottom) in order to change the appearance of your dashboard.

How to Cancel?

Cancelling an account is done within the users Settings, under the Account tab at the bottom of the page. Cancellation permanently deletes all RSS data associated with your account and can not be undone. If there are any reasons you want to cancel that we can help mitigate (“too expensive”, “not enough features”, etc.) please …