How to Subscribe

There are several ways to add feeds to RSS Reader.

Subscribe Box

The main RSS Reader interface includes a button to subscribe. Press the +Subscribe text in the upper left corner of your dashboard to display the subscription box. You can enter either the URL of the website i.e. OR the URL of the feed i.e. as its provide for you via the website providing the feed. Some websites allow us to auto-discover and auto-subscribe you to their feeds. Simply typing in their web address in the +Subscribe box will bring up that option.

The full URL to the feed is required if the website does not link to its RSS feed in a way that RSS can find it. Pasting in the RSS URL provided by the website in the +Subscribe box is the sure fire way to subscribe to the applicable feed. Here is an example of a website providing its feeds for subscription. Go ahead and practice using both the discussed techniques for subscribing to RSS feeds.

OPML Import

If you’re coming to RSS Reader from another RSS reader, chances are that reader allows you to export a list of your subscriptions in a format called OPML. RSS Reader can read OPML files to enable you to quickly import all of your subscriptions.

You can access the import page under Settings -> Import/Export


RSS supports a special URL you can use to subscribe to a feed. This is useful if you want to be able to programatically subscribe to a feed, for example through a bookmarklet.

The URL is:

The %s part is a placeholder where the url of the feed or website would go.