@RSS Mailbox Setup

Every RSS account is given an @rss.com email address for easy email subscribing when a website doesn’t offer an RSS feed. This makes it easy to subscribe to newsletters, blogs, and sites that require an email address all while keeping your personal email address private and free of impersonal emails.  Some less scrupulous sites will even sell your personal email address and put you on spam lists. Once you start submitting your configured @rss.com email address to websites and list builders, any email sent will be automatically sorted and ready for you to read within your RSS dashboard.  Remember that this is for inbox type use only and sending email using your @rss.com email address in the sender line is strictly prohibited.

To set up your @rss mailbox simply go to your Settings and click on the Account tab.  Type in your desired mailbox name (you will not be able to change this!) and press update.  Once created, you will notice a new line in your Feeds list called Mailbox.  When selected, it will show emails sorted by sender with the corresponding number of unread entries.



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