Creating an RSS feed from your Starred Feeds. Starring a feed makes it special.

Any feed entry (ex: blog post) can be starred by clicking on the star icon in the entry column tool kit.
Once an entry is starred, it will appear in the Feeds view mode called “Starred”. Starring a feed acts as a way of saving it for later use and easier access. Thisstar2 will become this Star and be accessible in the starred feeds column. Starred Entry Column from RSS reader
But wait, there’s more!   Every RSS account has a unique / shareable RSS URL associated with its starred entries. This URL is accessed via the Settings tab and allows an account holder a way of sharing their starred feeds with other RSS readers.  To enable your own Starred RSS URL feed click on the toggle switch and BE SURE TO PRESS SAVE.

Once enabled, the RSS feed URL will appear and can be shared and used  in any way an RSS feed is used.