Readability. How to Read More Faster.

There is a function within the RSS reader that allows you to read lots more of every article or post.  Simply click on the desired feed in your dashboard and then select an entry to read.  When the entry appears in the entry column (far right column) you will see a number of icons appear.Couch

The “Couch” icon  is the button for opening the Readability view and you can click it (or activate it by pressing C on your keyboard) to enable rich content viewing such as full text and pictures. It will look like this red couch when activated. If you find a feed that delivers great content through Readability, you can make it so that every time you open that feed’s articles they automatically display the Readability content. To do this enable “Sticky Readability” in the Settings tab. Don’t forget to SAVE changes within the Settings tab.

Readability is always looking to improve their application. If you find a page that looks a little funny or doesn’t load at all, send them the URL of the page through their  contact form.