RSS is like DVR for the Internet

Let RSS do it for you.

RSS gives you the opportunity to “record” content on the internet as it comes out.  You get to feed on that content at your leisure.  We all remember the world before DVR…OB-TG001_traffi_G_20120605152419 it was rushing home to catch the beginning of a TV show, hearing about what you missed at the water cooler, or waiting for a commercial to take a potty break. There were TV guides and schedules to keep, “Wednesday night I watch X and Y. Thursday, I watch Z and not W because they’re on at the same time…”  It was a time consuming effort-filled hobby to watch TV.  Nowadays, we have DVR to do all the hard work for us. We’ve reclaimed our days and nights.  What is RSS? Its the same exact thing.  News articles come and go from websites and if you don’t have RSS, you’re either checking the site a one or ten times per day or missing out on something way interesting or informative.  Without RSS you have 150 websites to visit to get up to speed on news, sports, finance, buzz, classifieds, blogs, and the list goes on and on.  With RSS you just connect one link per site. That’s it. You get all that information in a simple easy to use dashboard that tells you what you want to know in a short blurb or an elegant long form post.  RSS is simply a better way to internet. Sure, you can hold on to your TV guide, set up a hundred TVs and try to set that VCR to record, but we promise your time is better spent with RSS.

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